Concept Stage Drawings

Dear Group – here are the concepts for the stage drawings.  Kevin and Emily are going to meet with me to discuss, so they could be changed.  Please comment.


Size Concept

Size Concept

I like the other post of the smaller conservatory, but I wanted to show you a concept in scale of what we are talking about. Again, the other design style is what I will base my concept on, but this just shows scale.

Concept Site Plan – Conservatory

So here is a concept site plan with the conservatory idea we spoke about.  This concept also has a nice outdoor terrace area for large group eating, or even a wedding.  Frankly, this setup is GREAT for a small wedding – an outdoor area with stage, and some indoor garden area.

Please see my other posts showing some of the styles I am thinking of.

God bless. JP

Up and GOING!!!

Hello everyone!  We are up and going with our new blog.  Please let me know what you guys think, as I made some changes to the standard template they gave us.  I will start to post the concepts we are talking about and you guys can comment.  Also, I thought this would be a good place for the rest of the church members to comment so we know what they think as well.   God bless you all.  JP